Lets get started!

Hello there!

My name is Emily and I am on a journey to find a new me! Admitting change is one of the hardest parts when first getting started. I have tried and tried again to change my ways and each and every time I have found myself lasting no longer than a week. I must say it is the worst feeling in the world and I am sick of feeling this way!

Over these next few months I am hoping to set some goals and stick to them! I am looking forward to eating healthier, exercising daily and most importantly feeling better about ME! All while saving a few bucks. As a college student I know how hard it is to save up and the last thing we want to spend our money on is the gym! Luckily for me, I have a free gym on campus as most do, but for those of you who do not have this access there are tons of workouts that can be done in your own living room! I will be posting all kinds of helpful hints to workouts you can do at home to help you get on the right track. What you eat, can completely make or break your results if you are not careful. Yes we all have our cheat days/meals but it is so important to make time for a healthy diet. Recipes that will taste even better than they look will be coming soon to this page for you to try! Lastly, fully committing is the number one focus to this entire journey. Success does not come easy, and it certainly doesn’t happen over night, you have to work for it!

Some specific goals I am aiming for:

  • working out daily for 35-45 minutes
  • eating healthier foods – cooking at home verses eating out
  • drinking less alcohol – not completely cutting it out though

One person who has inspired me the most is my cousin Sarah. She recently took on a new workout plan and has been feeling great ever since. She knows that I have what it takes to feel the same, I just have to get on track and stay there! I will be looking to her every step of the way and will hopefully get the chance to share her success story with all of you!

It takes time to feel content with yourself and the new workouts you are trying but I can not enforce enough how important it is to stay focused! Throughout this journey, I will be posting pictures of myself improving in the gym, cooking up some recipes and a video of myself and some friends attending a workout class or two to share my own experiences. I know that this is going to be a hard journey but I am ready to take on the challenge and finally change myself for the better!

Check in weekly for new posts and exciting news about my success journey to finding ME, while staying within the college budget!





2 responses

  1. Wow, Emily this is awesome! I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to watch you on this journey of being healthier! Have heard of the app, my fitness pal? It might help you track your progress also!


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