Find Your Power At The Superhero 5K!

I have heard nothing but good things about 5K races! I participated in The Color Run once but unfortunately I had a sprained ankle at the time and I couldn’t run as much as I’d hoped. Although, I did feel the rush of excitement. Running can be such an exhilarating feeling if you put your mind to it. It is one of those things you just have to do and not stop until you hit the finish line! I mean, I am no expert but I am pretty excited to give this a try!

The Superhero 5K Run looks like a ton of fun. Who wouldn’t want to run through a zoo! I have decided to participate in this run with a few friends of mine who are supporting me as much as possible while I change my ways for the better. I have never been a runner but that is about to change!



Check out these details and come along too!


Adult, $35-run $25 to walk

Kids, $25-walk/run

Time & Place:

Saturday October 3rd – Registration starts at 7:30am – Race kicks off at 8:15am

Philadelphia Zoo  3400 West Girard Avenue Philadelphia, PA  19104  

I know that the price will throw some of you off but just think… you have to pay to get into the Philadelphia Zoo anyway, so why not run a race and then spend a day with the animals! It should bring such a feeling of success and accomplishment that will make you feel that much better for the rest of the day!


The 5K track is ran within the zoo. You will get to see all the animals as you run/walk throughout the entire zoo! The best part is that after the race, you will have the opportunity to walk around the zoo at your own pace and enjoy the day with your friends and family. The rush of happy children and their parents should brighten anyones day. I know that when I see someone else smile, it brings a smile to my face and sometimes I don’t even realize it! Take a chance, and try something different it will be worth it!

Not only is running a race a good feeling, but it is an even better feeling to know that you are helping kids in need. CASA is an association built to help children who may be or may have been abused and or neglected. This volunteer program is filled with people who tend to change the lives of children in need in any ways possible. 

Step outside of your comfort zone and give this race a try! You can dress up, get your face painted and enjoy a fun filled day with the people around you.


I have to say that today was a great day. Dispite the weather, my friends and I had a great time participating in the Superhero 5K at the Philadelphia Zoo. Waking up early was totally worth every step of the way! If you asked me a year ago to run a 5K I probably would have laughed it off, but after trying my hardest today I realized that I can’t wait to do this again. What an experience that ill never forget.




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