Shop Right – Spend Less – Cook More : Grocery List Tips for a Healthier You

Something that we all hear over and over again is that your diet is so important.

Going to the grocery store can be one of the worst things you do all week, but if it’s done right you won’t have to go as often. Buy more at once! Spend the extra few dollars that you would end up spending on a meal out somewhere. Keeping within budget at the food store can be hard because we all want those extra snacks but stay strong! If you do not buy the bad stuff then you wont be temped to eat it. Replace the potato chips and dip with tortilla chips and salsa. Instead of buying ice cream buy extra yogurt so that you have enough for breakfasts and desserts. Simple changes can make worlds of a difference. 

Sample grocery list of my own that I use weekly. This can be helpful to get some of you started if you were wondering what to buy at the store.

Sample grocery list of my own that I use weekly. This can be helpful to get some of you started if you were wondering what to buy at the store.

As a college student I know it is hard to find time to cook and everything which is why meal prep has become one of my new favorite things! If you cook more of something at once and save it in the freezer you will be able to pull it out and heat it up whenever needed. A big tool that helps me is my CrockPot. It was given to me when I left for college and it has been my lifesaver. You can turn it on when you leave your apartment early in the day and it will be ready when you return home in the afternoon.

One of my personal weaknesses is not only eating out but eating late. Some days are longer than others and I may not get a chance to have dinner until after 9pm. If this is the case, try to bring a snack with you and cook something light when you get home. It is so important to keep your body energized throughout the day. Having AT LEAST three meals a day is so crucial to not only your health but your bodies overall well being.

I believe that everyone loves food in their own kind of ways. For some they love all kinds of food, others are a little bit more picky, and some just do not feel any type of way towards food, they may just eat to stay alive. I LOVE food, and look forward to every meal I eat. I am on the pickier side of things but I still find ways to make myself these delicious meals day in and day out !

Try new things and experiment with food, you never know what may end up becoming your new favorite!








Homecoming 2015 From An Insiders Perspective!

Homecoming is seen to be very eventful for High Schools, Colleges, Universities and even there communities. Something I’ve noticed to be the most exciting is the Football games. All the events that take place during the week are mostly for the students, but the Football game can involve friends and family as well.

Homecoming is a great experience for a number of reasons! Who, What, Where, When and Why you ask?!

  1. All Rowan students
  2. Homecoming Events
  3. Events take place on Campus daily
  4. Yearly in Mid-October, 12th-17th 2015
  5. To get involved on campus and have a good time

All homecoming events are active and participate friendly for anyone who is interested. Greek life,  student center, sports, all kinds of clubs, and so much more! Each year Rowan puts together a number of events and tallies up the points at the end of the week to give out trophies for the winners! Everyone has a fair shot at winning and bringing everything they’ve got to the competition. Homecoming is a fun filled week and is something I personally look forward to every year!


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I am sure you are all wondering how this relates to Fitness??

Well you see, all of these events involve getting up and having a good time! Rowan’s very own Rec Center staff is also involved with Homecoming and everything that it entails. Employee’s get a chance to have a little fun while doing what they love most! Even if you are not the person physically doing the event, you are surly standing on the sidelines cheering them on! Being involved and staying busy is one of the best things you could do while starting a fitness journey! A plus is that it is also free! Just join a team and get out there and have some fun!

Team Player? Let’s Ask Carolyn What She Thinks

Name: Carolyn Marrone




Carolyn is the CEO of her Team: Sweat Your Heart Out and is recognized as a Health and Fitness coach. She is a 23 year old who works from home and spends most of her time helping others while working on herself everyday. Working from home sounds ideal to me, how about you? This lifestyle gives Carolyn time to spend with her family and friends while doing what she loves most and making money all at the same time. Fitness can be time consuming, but when you do something you love, you don’t mind doing it!

Carolyn can be reached by a number of social media websites and is a very friendly and outgoing girl who is always looking to help improve someone in one way or another – check her out here.

Social media accounts:



Facebook like page


I had the chance to speak with Carolyn over the phone and get to know her and her program a little bit better. She gave me a better idea of what she believes and feels is important about fitness and I hope to someday soon take her advice and move further with my fitness journey.

Q: When did you make the choice to change your life for the better?

A: My senior year of college is when I realized it was time for a change. I was unhappy with my lifestyle and the way I looked that I knew I wanted something different as I became an adult. It was time for me to live a happy and healthy lifestyle!

Q: How do you always find time to fit in a workout? 

A: I do my workouts right when I wake up! I make it a priority early in the day so that I can get it over with and feel good for the rest of the day. It puts me in a better mood and allows for me to have a happy and successful day, everyday. “Workout before your body knows what you are doing to it.”

Q: What are your favorite meals to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner? 


  • Breakfast- Carolyn’s special pancakes/waffle mix (gluten free)
  • Lunch-Build your own salad bar –  I love salads and choosing toppings based on the season. Fruit is one of my favorites and always a good go to though!
  • Dinner- Zoodles and turkey meatballs is one of many favorite meals. I am not a big meat eater but I do try to incorporate it into my diet somehow.

Q: What is your favorite workout to do at home?

A: One of my new favorites is Cize dancing. I have really gotten into this recently and I am trained to teach classes! A few other favorites would be squats for the booty of course and lifting.

Q: How can someone become a part of your team?

A: They would first have to interview with me and we would talk about their goals, go over what my team entails and go over general information about becoming a team member. I like to video chat with my potential team members to make the experience more personable. Something important to me is the kind of people I am looking to join my team. I want to add those to my team who I could see myself forming friendships with, not just another employee.

Q: What is your favorite inspirational quote? 

A: “Motivation will get you started but determination will get you to your goals.” – Autumn Calabrese

Autumn is the creator of 21 day fix programs and I look to her for inspiration. I hope to pass this onto my teammates as well. I start by telling them this quote so that they will stay on track from the beginning of their program.

Q: Do you get to travel and meet other fitness coaches, if so where to and what has been your favorite place thus far? 

A: Yes, I get to travel often actually. Every summer I participate in a Summit event and it is an overall learning experience. I get to meet coaches from all over and see what they are doing on a daily basis to better their fitness. My favorite place I’ve been too would be Cancun Mexico. I got to enjoy an all inclusive vacation while learning about fitness and meeting new people all at the same time.

Q: Do you have any advice for me, someone who is just starting out a fitness journey?


  • “Don’t get caught up with the number on the scale.”

I believe that this is one of the biggest factors for so many people but at the end of the day all that should matter is how you feel and what you look like in pictures. Looking at the scale constantly will just make you frustrated after trying so hard and not seeing instant results. Give it time for the magic to happen!

  • I also hold a 7 day clean eating group on Facebook to guide my friends in the right direction of making healthier choices. It allows for everyone to commit and post pictures of what they are eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The goal is to keep each other motivated and up to date on daily meals.

Tight On Time? Zumba At Home!

Let your body take the lead and put your mind to rest for a few minutes! 

I’ll be the first to admit that a few weeks ago I may not have even clicked on this video myself but that’s changed. I have found the power within to put on my sneakers and get a good workout in even if it’s only for 30 minutes a day. Getting started will be the hardest part but once you do, it will feel amazing! Any workout is better than none so get up and get going!

Zumba may seem hard or frustrating at first, but keep going. It is so much fun and really a great workout. Get connected  with Zumba! These ladies committed and found results from Zumba in no time. Zumba is all over the world, and is offered in all types of ways. You can attend a class at your local gym, find videos on the internet, and they even have DVDs you can buy! There are so many different routines that go along with Zumba which makes it entertaining and something new to try each time.

Grab a friend or family member and have them Zumba with you! Having someone with you is a great form of motivation. You can keep each other at a fair pace and it will make the workout that much more enjoyable. Sometimes it is easier to focus on what someone else is doing instead of what you’re doing while working out. It doesn’t cause as much stress and leaves room for conversation after a successful workout.

I try to do a small workout each day and working out at home makes this possible. It’s FREE and can be done in the time I would usually take to nap, have a snack or watch TV in between my busy schedule. Of course some days are more challenging than others but making time is so important for a fitness journey. Time management is key! Try to stay organized and stick with a daily plan so that you can get everything accomplished by a reasonable hour. Allowing yourself to have “me” time and unwind with a warm bath before bed.

“Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.”

-Nicholas Sparks

Don’t forget how hard it is to accomplish goals and change YOU for the better. Just believe and work at it everyday. In due time, you will realize it was all worth it!