Shop Right – Spend Less – Cook More : Grocery List Tips for a Healthier You

Something that we all hear over and over again is that your diet is so important.

Going to the grocery store can be one of the worst things you do all week, but if it’s done right you won’t have to go as often. Buy more at once! Spend the extra few dollars that you would end up spending on a meal out somewhere. Keeping within budget at the food store can be hard because we all want those extra snacks but stay strong! If you do not buy the bad stuff then you wont be temped to eat it. Replace the potato chips and dip with tortilla chips and salsa. Instead of buying ice cream buy extra yogurt so that you have enough for breakfasts and desserts. Simple changes can make worlds of a difference. 

Sample grocery list of my own that I use weekly. This can be helpful to get some of you started if you were wondering what to buy at the store.

Sample grocery list of my own that I use weekly. This can be helpful to get some of you started if you were wondering what to buy at the store.

As a college student I know it is hard to find time to cook and everything which is why meal prep has become one of my new favorite things! If you cook more of something at once and save it in the freezer you will be able to pull it out and heat it up whenever needed. A big tool that helps me is my CrockPot. It was given to me when I left for college and it has been my lifesaver. You can turn it on when you leave your apartment early in the day and it will be ready when you return home in the afternoon.

One of my personal weaknesses is not only eating out but eating late. Some days are longer than others and I may not get a chance to have dinner until after 9pm. If this is the case, try to bring a snack with you and cook something light when you get home. It is so important to keep your body energized throughout the day. Having AT LEAST three meals a day is so crucial to not only your health but your bodies overall well being.

I believe that everyone loves food in their own kind of ways. For some they love all kinds of food, others are a little bit more picky, and some just do not feel any type of way towards food, they may just eat to stay alive. I LOVE food, and look forward to every meal I eat. I am on the pickier side of things but I still find ways to make myself these delicious meals day in and day out !

Try new things and experiment with food, you never know what may end up becoming your new favorite!








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