An Inside Scoop on Lee Sutherland; Fitness In The City Blogger and Business Owner

A good fitness blog is hard to come by these days. There are so many different versions and ways of how people write blogs and gather information that sometimes it isn’t easy to pick out the good ones from the bad. Well, I got lucky on this one. I was searching the web and Fitness In The City caught my eye. Lee’s blog has structure and purpose that it makes it relatable to anyone trying to work on a fitness journey!

Lee Sutherland is 32 years old and lives in Sydney. She is a blogger who expresses her love for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. “I started blogging around the same time I launched by holistic Personal Training and small group training company which was about 5 or so years ago, Lee tells us.” Lee became fond of blogging simply because she loves to write, with hopes of helping more than one person at a time. She also has a great educational background with lots of training in Natural Health Sciences. Lee’s blog/ business is Fitness In The City Her blog is full of advice, recipes, and so much more! 

Lee says, “I have met so many amazing like minded people via my blog and social media so that is a huge plus for me! Also having the opportunity to help and educate people is also pretty rewarding.” Her best advice for someone who is looking to launch a blog is just get started! Don’t hold off for the perfect picture or post idea, just start with something. Also, don’t spend a lot of money at first. There are tons of free templates that are easy to navigate on your own. After sometime, and you’ve become confident with your topic, then maybe think about updating it and trying something new.

Lee, very successful business owner and blog writer. (Photo/Lee Sutherland)

Some challenges with keeping up with her blog are the fact that Lee has a day job and just recently started her second business, Little Wilding Co. Which is organic and wild-grown herbal teas. “The thing most people forget is that I also have an actual company (rather than just a blog) where I train people morning/night PLUS I have a 9-5pm day job, Lee explains.” Along with both businesses and a job, Lee also has to find time to maintain the PR events for her blog. It can sometimes be tricky to find time to actually write the blog posts and keep up with other articles for magazines, blogs, etc.

As far as future journalism goes, Lee believes that it depends on the type of blog. If someone is writing about recipes, then it isn’t as important as someone who is writing about research or news type of platforms. Lee feels that blog and print media writers can tend to become rivals over time and tend to be ex-magazine writers.

With that being said, I must agree with Lee. Blogs these days come in all forms and can sometimes be repetitive instead of unique. It is important to take the time and do research, instead of believing everything you read on someones blog.  



Listen in on this fitness perspective from Frantzeska, a Rowan Rec Center Employee

Getting started can be one of the hardest tasks when deciding to make a change. Finding time to fit in a workout and get to the gym can sometimes seem impossible, which is why you have to find out what works for you! Once you grab control of your mind, your body will follow with great success.
Frantzeska, a fitness role model sporting her Rowan Rec Center shirt. Her passion for fitness is inspiring and is expressed in so many ways. (Unknown)

Frantzeska, a fitness role model sporting her Rowan Rec Center shirt. Her passion for fitness is inspiring and is expressed in so many ways. (Unknown)

Frantzeska, is a Biochemistry major in the mist of her junior year at Rowan University. She works at the Rowan Rec Center as a fitness area assistant and is there when anyone needs a helping hand. Her passion for fitness glowed as she talked about her job and explained her journey. Below she tells a touching story about how fitness changed her life for the better. Also mentioning a few people who helped her along the way. I knew Frantzeska would be a good person to ask for this interview because she is dedicated and works so hard when it comes to fitness.

A fitness journey is what you make it. If you put in the time and effort to meet your goals your success will come sooner than you ever expected. No one can do it for you. You have to be the one to find a strong connection with yourself and find a way to log your progression so that you can look back at everything you’ve done. Fitness can put your mind and body at ease even if it may not seem like it at first. Frantzeska, is a great example of a successful outcome because she jumped in with two feet and knew what was best for her. If done right, fitness has a way of impacting our lives in a way that can never be taken back.

Staying focused on your goals this holiday season

I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say having that extra plate of food or another glass of wine during the holidays is nearly impossible to pass up. Along with watching football all day and lounging around on the couch without a care in the world. Yes, this is a time to catch up with our family and friends, share lots of laughs and spend time with everyone, but it can sometimes lead to slacking with our diets and staying active.

Appetizers can be dangerous! I suggest eating a little something before leaving home. If you are worried you will just eat everything in site because you show up hungry, take a second and have a healthy snack before heading out the door. It will allow you to navigate the table full of food when you arrive before making any decisions. Take a minute to check out all the options and think before you take a scoop of everything. I know that we want to try a little bit of everything so that we do not upset any relatives, but your overall diet is more important. Make your plate colorful! The more colors you see, the healthier it should be. This shows that you grabbed veggies rather than just meat and potatoes. Maybe bring something of your own. Encourage your healthy lifestyle and let others try something new too. 

I know that I can not pass up on another scoop of mashed potatoes or that extra cookie thats just calling my name, but stay strong! We have to try to enjoy everything in moderation. Get caught up in a nice conversation while having dinner instead of sitting in silence and stuffing your face. Give your tummy breaks to digest and have a sip of water in between bites. You should feel more full and not have the want to get up and get a second helping. 


A family get together celebrating my aunts birthday at one of our family beach houses on Long Beach Island. This may not be an official holiday, but I love my crazy family and the fact that we make everything so special. (Unknown)

It is always nice to sit down to dinner or talk to relatives with a glass of wine in hand but try to alternate with water. For every glass of wine you drink, match it with a glass of water. It may sound silly but it will keep you hydrated and on track with becoming a healthier you.

Instead of watching football, why not throw one around in the backyard. Have a nice friendly game of touch and get everyone together for a few laughs. This does not only get you moving but it will creative some of the most amazing memories and could even become a tradition for years to come. You should still wake up and fit in your workout before stuffing your face, but even something as simple as taking a walk after dinner or playing catch can make you feel so much better about staying active. Make time for it and you will do it. I am sure others will be willing to join you as well, all you have to do is ask them!

Try not to overthink things. The holidays can become overwhelming but do not get yourself down! It is so important to stay on track and keep a balanced lifestyle, even during the crazy holiday season. Stick to your normal routine as best you can. Do not make excuses either. Wake up and get that workout in before even thinking about what to make for breakfast or if the apple pie will be ready in time for dinner. Put you and your workout first, everything else will fall into place after.

Most importantly, focus on having fun with your family and friends. The joke that your uncle told during the never ending game of monopoly will be remembered because it is more important than the burnt brownies that grandma made. Whether the food is good or bad, the memories will still hold. The jokes will be told, the laughs will be shared and everything else just doesn’t seem as important anymore. All the stress about making the perfect dish is just nonsense, it will happen every year. Allow yourself to step out of the kitchen and truly enjoy being with your family this holiday season!