Giving the 21 day fix experience a try!

It’s time for a change! I have decided to take my fitness journey a step farther and become a health and fitness coach. With that being said, I want to help others find their way as well. This is one of the best decisions I have made in a while. In such a short period of time I have met some of the most amazing people and shared things about myself that I was to shy to express before. When first hearing about the 21 day fix program from my coach I doubted myself and was not sure if it was going to be possible. Once I jumped into it I knew it was the best thing for me.

I signed up for my 21 day fix through my team using This website is a great place to find information, connect with my team and submit results for prizes and much more! The constant updates and new programs are always being added and this is where all that can be found. I would sort of be lost without all the access from this website.

My favorite part about the 21 day fix is the workouts. These workouts are made and set to help give you the best results possible. And, they are fun to do. I look forward to Pilates and dirty 30 because I know those days will be harder than the rest, but I will work even harder to push through and complete them all to my best ability. Sticking to this schedule is not mandatory but it does help stay on track. 

I now find myself taking the extra time to think about what I want to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I set aside time to make healthy meals and food shop due to what is suggested by the 21 day fix meal plan. The colored containers make it easier for me to stay on track and not have cheat meals because everything is already made to portion size. ‘Helpful hint, if you do not buy the junk food, you can not eat it.’ 

Accountability and motivation are two of the easiest things to find when joining a team. I have had nothing but support from my team and others who have noticed my dedication to this program. Shout out to my coach Carolyn Marrone for always knowing the right thing to say when I am having a bad day and keeping me on my toes about being the best coach that I can be. Remember, when others know what is going on in your life they can help you succeed in anything you do. 

Follow these tips to get the best experience possible with the 21 day fix!  I am going onto round two next week and I feel better than I ever have before. The 21 day fix has changed me as a person inside and out. Results do not come overnight, they take time and as long as you remember that your own progress is the best motivation, you will be pleased with the end results. 

My before and after picture. This was made to motivate me to look better and stay confident throughout the 21 days. (Photo/Emily Bolton)

My before and after picture. This was made to motivate me to look better and stay confident throughout the 21 days. (Photo/Emily Bolton)

Give the 21 day fix some thought and please feel free to contact me via Facebook for more information!!


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  1. This really gives you a sense of the hard work that goes into making such a major lifestyle change. Your determination really jumps off the page. I also think it’s nice that you constantly give advice to readers throughout. Keep at it!


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