How do you feel about Dancing?! Check out the 3D Dance team in action!


Rowan’s 3D dance team is full of talented individuals who spend lots of free time dancing! I have seen them perform a number of times and I am always impressed. I walk away with a smile on my face and just have such a good feeling running through me after watching people dance. It is also contagious… dance can get anyone out of there seat if done right!

3D dance team at practice on a Wednesday night. Going over some moves from a recent performance they did. (Photo/Emily Bolton)

3D dance team at practice on a Wednesday night. Going over some moves from a recent performance they did.
(Photo/Emily Bolton)

I used to be a dancer myself but I chose not to stick with it. My heart wasn’t in it and I just knew it was more of a hobby for me. But for ladies and gents who dance their hearts out day and night I can see true passion. Liz Reuter, a member of the 3D Dance team expresses her feelings about dance and its contributions to her lifestyle, “hmm dance benefits me because it lets me live right there in the moment. When I’m on stage or in a studio, I don’t think about the amount of work I need to get done that day.” Dance can be both a hobby and/or passion for some which makes it even better to watch. 

Dance can also be a great workout! All the moving around and twisting and turning of the body can do wonders for your health. Dance is not something you have to be good at to enjoy doing. The benefits come in all kinds and once you get out on the dance floor and feel that beat there is no turning back. Emily Decker, (star of the video above) generalizes how dance impacts her everyday life, “Dance benefits my lifestyle cause it has made me more out going and it allows me to express myself in different ways!!”

Exercise should be fun and you should enjoy doing it, which is why dance is a great way to start. Dance is a great way to lose weight, reduce stress and gain flexibility all while having a good time. Just letting go, and feeling yourself in that moment can be the best feeling in the world. I know from experience that dance is so great for the soul.

As a dancer, you can become part of a bigger picture. This allows for you to be free and just enjoy what is happening in the moment.  Confidence is hard to come by these days, but as a dancer it just comes naturally. Once you start dancing, you get a feeling of  ‘I can do anything and no one can stop me,’ which can be the best thing in the world. All the sudden it doesn’t matter what you look like or if you’re doing it right, it becomes belief in yourself to keep going! Sometimes leaving the dance floor is the hardest part. Dance becomes a part of you and will not leave you unless you allow it to.

Dance comes in all forms. One of my favorites would be Zumba. It is fun to do and a great workout. Zumba allows for you to let loose and have a good time all while working out the best parts of your body all at once.

Another I have not tried yet, but I plan to in the near future would be Cize. This workout allows for you to get involved and want to go for round two. It can be intense but it is worth it. Once you get started I can guarantee you wont want to stop!

Dance your little hearts out because staying healthy and having a good time while doing it is just a bonus to a new healthier you! Let loose and get your booty to the dance floor!


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