Farewell for now!

With the holidays right around the corner and the semester coming to an end, I am letting my readers know that my blog will be slowing down, but it will continue!  I have come so far with my own fitness journey and I think having this blog has helped motivate me and made it easier to push forward with my fitness experiences. I have enjoyed writing and interacting with my readers and I hope you have learned something about fitness. Your health is so important and I hope you can see that!

I have learned that I love blog writing. It is my favorite type or writing thus far because it allows for complete creativity. Getting out there and meeting with people instead of meeting them all over the internet has been such an experience. I have realized that I am not the best with photos and video editing but I am working on it. Everything takes practice, even learning a new workout!

This semester has taught me my strengths and weaknesses via internet writing. I have made mistakes and not all of my posts got the recognition I would have liked, but I know people were reading and thats all I ask as a new blogger. The most exciting thing for me was becoming apart of a team and signing up as a health and fitness coach to have that accountability to keep me going! Everyday has been something new and exciting and I would not take any of it back. Blogging has become a new hobby for me, if not anything else, and I plan to keep up with it in my free time.

Big thanks to those who have supported and read my blogs over these last few months! I hope you can stick with it, and complete any fitness goals that you have. Feel free to reach out at anytime and find me on Facebook!


3 responses

  1. You have made me think twice about every step I take and everything I choose to eat. I will look for future blog posts. Best of luck in your endeavors!


  2. I know how much you enjoy blogging, and I really enjoy keeping up with your efforts of creating a healthy life! Visuals may not be your thing, but that’s okay! I have to say, the point of becoming healthier is not to look better on the outside. You accomplished the main point in this challenge- to make a positive attitude change. After reading your blog, I feel motivated to follow in your steps! I hope you do keep up with your blog and post on Favebook each time you make an addition to your blog! I enjoy reading them!


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