Staying focused on your goals this holiday season

I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say having that extra plate of food or another glass of wine during the holidays is nearly impossible to pass up. Along with watching football all day and lounging around on the couch without a care in the world. Yes, this is a time to catch up with our family and friends, share lots of laughs and spend time with everyone, but it can sometimes lead to slacking with our diets and staying active.

Appetizers can be dangerous! I suggest eating a little something before leaving home. If you are worried you will just eat everything in site because you show up hungry, take a second and have a healthy snack before heading out the door. It will allow you to navigate the table full of food when you arrive before making any decisions. Take a minute to check out all the options and think before you take a scoop of everything. I know that we want to try a little bit of everything so that we do not upset any relatives, but your overall diet is more important. Make your plate colorful! The more colors you see, the healthier it should be. This shows that you grabbed veggies rather than just meat and potatoes. Maybe bring something of your own. Encourage your healthy lifestyle and let others try something new too. 

I know that I can not pass up on another scoop of mashed potatoes or that extra cookie thats just calling my name, but stay strong! We have to try to enjoy everything in moderation. Get caught up in a nice conversation while having dinner instead of sitting in silence and stuffing your face. Give your tummy breaks to digest and have a sip of water in between bites. You should feel more full and not have the want to get up and get a second helping. 


A family get together celebrating my aunts birthday at one of our family beach houses on Long Beach Island. This may not be an official holiday, but I love my crazy family and the fact that we make everything so special. (Unknown)

It is always nice to sit down to dinner or talk to relatives with a glass of wine in hand but try to alternate with water. For every glass of wine you drink, match it with a glass of water. It may sound silly but it will keep you hydrated and on track with becoming a healthier you.

Instead of watching football, why not throw one around in the backyard. Have a nice friendly game of touch and get everyone together for a few laughs. This does not only get you moving but it will creative some of the most amazing memories and could even become a tradition for years to come. You should still wake up and fit in your workout before stuffing your face, but even something as simple as taking a walk after dinner or playing catch can make you feel so much better about staying active. Make time for it and you will do it. I am sure others will be willing to join you as well, all you have to do is ask them!

Try not to overthink things. The holidays can become overwhelming but do not get yourself down! It is so important to stay on track and keep a balanced lifestyle, even during the crazy holiday season. Stick to your normal routine as best you can. Do not make excuses either. Wake up and get that workout in before even thinking about what to make for breakfast or if the apple pie will be ready in time for dinner. Put you and your workout first, everything else will fall into place after.

Most importantly, focus on having fun with your family and friends. The joke that your uncle told during the never ending game of monopoly will be remembered because it is more important than the burnt brownies that grandma made. Whether the food is good or bad, the memories will still hold. The jokes will be told, the laughs will be shared and everything else just doesn’t seem as important anymore. All the stress about making the perfect dish is just nonsense, it will happen every year. Allow yourself to step out of the kitchen and truly enjoy being with your family this holiday season!



Team Player? Let’s Ask Carolyn What She Thinks

Name: Carolyn Marrone




Carolyn is the CEO of her Team: Sweat Your Heart Out and is recognized as a Health and Fitness coach. She is a 23 year old who works from home and spends most of her time helping others while working on herself everyday. Working from home sounds ideal to me, how about you? This lifestyle gives Carolyn time to spend with her family and friends while doing what she loves most and making money all at the same time. Fitness can be time consuming, but when you do something you love, you don’t mind doing it!

Carolyn can be reached by a number of social media websites and is a very friendly and outgoing girl who is always looking to help improve someone in one way or another – check her out here.

Social media accounts:



Facebook like page


I had the chance to speak with Carolyn over the phone and get to know her and her program a little bit better. She gave me a better idea of what she believes and feels is important about fitness and I hope to someday soon take her advice and move further with my fitness journey.

Q: When did you make the choice to change your life for the better?

A: My senior year of college is when I realized it was time for a change. I was unhappy with my lifestyle and the way I looked that I knew I wanted something different as I became an adult. It was time for me to live a happy and healthy lifestyle!

Q: How do you always find time to fit in a workout? 

A: I do my workouts right when I wake up! I make it a priority early in the day so that I can get it over with and feel good for the rest of the day. It puts me in a better mood and allows for me to have a happy and successful day, everyday. “Workout before your body knows what you are doing to it.”

Q: What are your favorite meals to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner? 


  • Breakfast- Carolyn’s special pancakes/waffle mix (gluten free)
  • Lunch-Build your own salad bar –  I love salads and choosing toppings based on the season. Fruit is one of my favorites and always a good go to though!
  • Dinner- Zoodles and turkey meatballs is one of many favorite meals. I am not a big meat eater but I do try to incorporate it into my diet somehow.

Q: What is your favorite workout to do at home?

A: One of my new favorites is Cize dancing. I have really gotten into this recently and I am trained to teach classes! A few other favorites would be squats for the booty of course and lifting.

Q: How can someone become a part of your team?

A: They would first have to interview with me and we would talk about their goals, go over what my team entails and go over general information about becoming a team member. I like to video chat with my potential team members to make the experience more personable. Something important to me is the kind of people I am looking to join my team. I want to add those to my team who I could see myself forming friendships with, not just another employee.

Q: What is your favorite inspirational quote? 

A: “Motivation will get you started but determination will get you to your goals.” – Autumn Calabrese

Autumn is the creator of 21 day fix programs and I look to her for inspiration. I hope to pass this onto my teammates as well. I start by telling them this quote so that they will stay on track from the beginning of their program.

Q: Do you get to travel and meet other fitness coaches, if so where to and what has been your favorite place thus far? 

A: Yes, I get to travel often actually. Every summer I participate in a Summit event and it is an overall learning experience. I get to meet coaches from all over and see what they are doing on a daily basis to better their fitness. My favorite place I’ve been too would be Cancun Mexico. I got to enjoy an all inclusive vacation while learning about fitness and meeting new people all at the same time.

Q: Do you have any advice for me, someone who is just starting out a fitness journey?


  • “Don’t get caught up with the number on the scale.”

I believe that this is one of the biggest factors for so many people but at the end of the day all that should matter is how you feel and what you look like in pictures. Looking at the scale constantly will just make you frustrated after trying so hard and not seeing instant results. Give it time for the magic to happen!

  • I also hold a 7 day clean eating group on Facebook to guide my friends in the right direction of making healthier choices. It allows for everyone to commit and post pictures of what they are eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The goal is to keep each other motivated and up to date on daily meals.