An Inside Scoop on Lee Sutherland; Fitness In The City Blogger and Business Owner

A good fitness blog is hard to come by these days. There are so many different versions and ways of how people write blogs and gather information that sometimes it isn’t easy to pick out the good ones from the bad. Well, I got lucky on this one. I was searching the web and Fitness In The City caught my eye. Lee’s blog has structure and purpose that it makes it relatable to anyone trying to work on a fitness journey!

Lee Sutherland is 32 years old and lives in Sydney. She is a blogger who expresses her love for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. “I started blogging around the same time I launched by holistic Personal Training and small group training company which was about 5 or so years ago, Lee tells us.” Lee became fond of blogging simply because she loves to write, with hopes of helping more than one person at a time. She also has a great educational background with lots of training in Natural Health Sciences. Lee’s blog/ business is Fitness In The City Her blog is full of advice, recipes, and so much more! 

Lee says, “I have met so many amazing like minded people via my blog and social media so that is a huge plus for me! Also having the opportunity to help and educate people is also pretty rewarding.” Her best advice for someone who is looking to launch a blog is just get started! Don’t hold off for the perfect picture or post idea, just start with something. Also, don’t spend a lot of money at first. There are tons of free templates that are easy to navigate on your own. After sometime, and you’ve become confident with your topic, then maybe think about updating it and trying something new.

Lee, very successful business owner and blog writer. (Photo/Lee Sutherland)

Some challenges with keeping up with her blog are the fact that Lee has a day job and just recently started her second business, Little Wilding Co. Which is organic and wild-grown herbal teas. “The thing most people forget is that I also have an actual company (rather than just a blog) where I train people morning/night PLUS I have a 9-5pm day job, Lee explains.” Along with both businesses and a job, Lee also has to find time to maintain the PR events for her blog. It can sometimes be tricky to find time to actually write the blog posts and keep up with other articles for magazines, blogs, etc.

As far as future journalism goes, Lee believes that it depends on the type of blog. If someone is writing about recipes, then it isn’t as important as someone who is writing about research or news type of platforms. Lee feels that blog and print media writers can tend to become rivals over time and tend to be ex-magazine writers.

With that being said, I must agree with Lee. Blogs these days come in all forms and can sometimes be repetitive instead of unique. It is important to take the time and do research, instead of believing everything you read on someones blog.